To book an event for either a self-advocate keynote speech in English, Spanish, French or Latin; violin concert and/or golf ceremonial drive, please contact: Victor J. Bishop:

Foreign Travel and Expenses:

  1. Round trip airfare for two from St. Louis, Missouri, USA (Airport code: STL)
  2. Visa (when applicable to US citizens)
  3. Letterhead invitation for Customs:
    1. Conference event name and date
    2. Event primary contact and cell phone number
    3. Hotel name and address
  4. Local transporation
  5. Hotel accommodations (one room with two separate twin beds)
  6. Meals:
    • No food allergies nor dietary restrictions
  7. Speaker honorarium and/or performance fees waived for nonprofit and charity organizations

USA Travel and Expenses:

  1. If under 300 miles distance from St. Louis, Missouri:
    1. Standard mileage rate for charitable organizations of 14¢ per mile driven or 58¢ per mile for businesses.
    2. Else, round trip airfare for two from St. Louis, Missouri, USA (Airport code: STL) and local transportation
  2. Hotel accomodations (one room with two separate twin beds)
  3. Meals:
    • No food allergies nor dietary restrictions
  4. Speaker honorarium and/or performance fees directly deposited into an Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) savings account

Violin Recitals and Concerts:

  1. Emmanuel performs with string quartets and orchestras to convey a message of inclusion and acceptance, as opposed to playing solo.
    1. Repertoire orchestral and recital partitures/scores sent upon request
    2. One or two rehearsals should be scheduled
    3. Microphone amplification is not needed for small or medium sized venues
    4. For string quartets, armless chairs are required on stage

Presentation Audiovisual Requirements:

  1. A lectern on the stage with AC power outlets
    1. If the lectern height is tall, then a podium (small box) to stand on
  2. Screen and projector
  3. Emmanuel will control the slide sequence (which contain embedded videos with sound) from his iPad placed on top the lectern. We have the following Apple® adapters:
    1. Lightning Digital AV to HDMI Adapter MD826AM/A
    2. Lightning to VGA Adapter MD825ZM/A
  4. A pedestal (dynamic vocal) microphone on the lectern or a wireless lapel clip-on microphone
  5. Emmanuel's presentation is in Keynote, an IOS Apple® App (therefore the presentation is not Microsoft Windows® PowerPoint on a USB drive, nor feasible to convert to PowerPoint)
  6. Either of the following cables running to the iPad on the lectern:
    1. HDMI (which supports video and sound)
    2. VGA (a long cable from the iPad to the projector) and for sound to the in-house speakers: an audio cable with a male 3.5 mm connector to the iPad female audio jack (i.e. headphone jack)

Headshots and Publicity Photographs: